Driving safety

The reliable, top-quality Scason studs come from our own factory in Finland – the land of authentic winter – and they are manufactured by our own personnel. Stud technology is not perfected only in laboratories – it also takes real winter conditions filled with frost, icy rain, and snow. Our top-of-the-line expertise, experience, and knowledge of the Nordic road conditions have made us a world leader in stud technology. As proof of our renowned status, we constantly collaborate with the world’s leading tyre manufacturers.

Driving total quality

Quality is everything. We uphold high quality standards throughout our production chain, from design to manufacturing.

Our products meet all the relevant requirements laid down in applicable laws and regulations. Our production system complies with the ISO 9001 standard. Moreover, we also expect all our suppliers to have a comprehensive quality system in place.

Scason is one of the largest stud manufacturers in the world.

Thanks to our own factory and personnel, internal quality assurance system, and ISO 9001 certified stud production, we are the most reliable supplier in the field.

The history of winter tyres goes hand in hand
with the history of Scason studs

We began our work to improve wintertime road safety before the use of winter tyres was even made mandatory in the Nordic countries.
In the 1980s, our product development was boosted by innovations and tests involving rally cars of the time. The owner base for the current family business was created in 1992 Since then, our global success story as a manufacturer of studs for passenger cars, vans, trucks, and heavy machinery has continued to flourish.

First in the field

Stud technology has come a long way from the early days, and at present it is an extremely demanding field – just like driving in winter conditions. At Scason, we employ the top professionals and team up with the leading partners in the field, so that we can provide our customers with innovative and impressive products.

Finnish Sisu

Our core force, which means reliability, entrepreneurship and belief in continuous improvement.

Winter driving safety

Staying safe while driving is the most important thing. We solve winter driving safety challenges and eliminate traffic hazards and threats.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfying customer needs and exceeding expectations with products you can rely on. We strive to be perfect.

Our certified quality system is the mark of Scason excellence.