Winters have always been cold in Finland, and we Finns wear fur hats and warm winter coats for almost half of the year. We understand and know the northern roads. Moreover, the constant freezing weather and slippery roads have inspired us to develop solutions specifically for the arctic conditions.

We Finns have been given the perfect conditions for developing endurable studs that guarantee a firm grip on the road.

Studs that allow drivers to move freely on any road and in any weather – in Finland as well as around the globe.

Stud technology from
the land of original winter

the winter conditions

Stud types

If a customised special stud is what you need, then look no further
– we are your best choice. If you need a quick off-the-shelf solution,
we have an extensive product range to meet all your requirements.



A stud model
customised for you
Scason studs standard


Aluminium and steel studs
from our product selection

Hundreds of millions

of studs each year

in 1964

Special studs
make up

80 %

of production

Driving safety
since 1964

Scason is one of the largest stud manufacturers in the world. In the 1980s, our product development was boosted by innovations and tests involving rally cars of the time. The owner base for the current family business was created in 1992. Since then, our global success story as a manufacturer of studs for passenger cars, vans, trucks, and heavy machinery has continued to flourish.