Product development at Scason is always aimed at anticipating any new regulations issued on stud and tyre manufacturers.

We carry out product development and manufacture products independently. This product development work benefits all our customers who require customised studs. At present, we are working on a special stud that causes even less road wear than current studs. The new special stud offers improved performance and meets the latest strict regulations and requirements.

”We cannot reveal any more details at the moment. However, we can say that the new stud can meet the established target values while offering excellent grip properties,” says Eero Mäkitalo, Executive Vice President at Scason.

Development never rests

Scason carries out product development both independently and on behalf of its customers. Basic research is constantly ongoing; even now, performance tests on tyre and stud combinations are being carried out, and the results are used in the design of new products.

”We can meet the increasingly stringent requirements issued under the latest stud regulations. Both tyres and studs are constantly improved and developed, and the key factor is environmental sustainability. Modern studs are small and light, meaning that they cause significantly less road wear than before.”

Ideal combination

The key principle in designing special studs for a customer is compatibility. Essentially, this means that the stud and the tyre are developed to form a perfect match. A winter tyre can usually withstand several winter seasons, and we believe that the studs must also last for the entire expected lifespan of the tyre.

”We focus on developing our studs and ensure a smooth approval process. We do our part. We offer a comprehensive service package. Tell us what you are looking for, and let us provide you with a turnkey solution,” advises Eero Mäkitalo.

The development work on the new stud is also moving along smoothly. The new stud will be launched in the near future.

Turvallista ajamista
vuodesta 1964

Scason on yksi maailman suurimmista nastavalmistajista. 1980-luvulla tuotekehitystämme vauhdittivat innovaatiot ja testit sen aikaisilla ralliautoilla. Nykyisen perheyrityksen omistuspohja syntyi vuonna 1992. Tämän jälkeen globaali menestystarinamme nastavalmistajana henkilö-, paketti- ja kuorma-autojen sekä raskaiden työkoneiden renkaisiin on jatkunut ja kehittynyt vahvasti.